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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Novak Reef Venice/Boca/Sarasota Florida 26 48.604N 082 19.654W Coordinates

I am currently working on a YouTube channel that will be footage and coordinates of me diving local numbers. I have been having issues going out due to weather and redtide in the area currently.  I have taken divers to Novak Reef on several occasions within the last few months. There are bridge rubble and culverts located with a huge service area. As far as life goes we have seen Goliath Groupers, AJs, and other fish swimming around on this reef. During the week there typically is not too much competition for spots, and it is located in approximately 40ft of water at 26 48.604N  082 19.654W.

  YouTube Link, subscribe for updated videos of when I go diving.... 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Caspersen Dive Report

Angie a local friend of mine, went out on a dive charter today the Aristikat. These are the teeth she found in approximately 30' of depth, in the "Bone Yard" right off of Caspersen. Angie reported several feet of viz, not the best. However viz is not really a necessity when you are hunting for teeth. You are typically laying on the bottom staring at the ground looking for teeth. When you are far enough out, the bottom will have the crusty coloring you see on the one tooth in the picture. They will need to be cleaned I posted a link to how to do this and you can find it under the (TIPS) Category. See more at ‎

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dive Report- Sharks tooth dive

I was personally unable to make a dive today due to my tanks being at my local dive shop getting filled/viz/hydro-static inspections. A friend of mine Angie and her brother went diving off of Alhambra and had a very productive sharks tooth dive turning up all these beauties. The report today: Depth: 23ft. 81 degrees and viz was 5-8ft Water looks beautiful from topside.....

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Getting back into it

Unfortunately, I have been in a hiatus for some time. The weather is getting nice again, and I am planning on updating this blog again. I repurchased my domains that I let lapse, Got all of my gear cleaned and ready for this season. Replaced computer batteries, transmitter batteries, tanks are all at Gaspar's for new hydros/viz/fills. I have begun to research some new spots, and have been working on studying my online captains license from I plan on writing a review when I am done with the whole process.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Picture Identification?

This is unrelated to diving, however I felt this was fantastic and had to post about it. I have found a website that allows you to post a picture (Android app in the works) and post it for identification. Ok, ok at first I had the same thought..... "So what..." however after knowing about the site I had several times in a few days that my new found tool was invaluable. In the garden identifying plants, bugs.... car parts, antiques, rashes, ect. It was fantastic... the site is still in the early stages of development and needs a larger following to create a better resource, but has tons of potential.

Here is the link (What the heck is this.....)

Monday, June 17, 2013

One again with the water

This is a personal post: Mainly in regards to an experience I had today that I wish to write about.

It is said that we as humans consist of mainly water, it is also said that in the cycle of life we end with becoming one with the earth upon our final resting. I was witness to this today in the most beautiful of ways.

My great aunt passed in 2005, my mother in 2006, and my grandfather in 2010. Since then I have held onto all of their cremation at my home, moving from Maryland to our summer home here in Florida. I since have had many major life changes and have now become a Firefighter, gave birth to an amazing baby girl whom my mother had a premonition of; to name a few.

After much procrastination we decided on placing the ashes of our beloved family members today on the calmest of days in the Gulf. In an undisclosed location near a favorite reef off of Englewood in the same waters I grew up swimming in, within sight of a beach that our family had frequented every year as far back as I can remember. We rode out the miles in our family boat that my mom had stood at the helm piloting years previous, and approached the final destination. We shut off the motors and began playing music suitable to her taste: "Diggin Up Bones" by Randy Travis, "Lucille", "Walking" Patsy Cline, and "Green Beret" all songs that were favorites and or have some sort of family history.

The three of us, my father, daughter, and I stared into the vast bluish green that is the Gulf. We began to open and place the ashes of each loved one into the water in order of death. Each persons ashes created a change in water color that is something to only be described as beautiful. I had imagined that each one would slowly mix and dilute with the water upon entering but to my shock we had three separate distinct balls of discoloration in the water that seemed to gradually sink as it was absorbed back into the depths of the earth. As it sank the color of the water mixing with shimmering of the sun caused a glow, as to remind us of the spirit, memories, and heart being absorbed back to nature.

I was upset until the realization that this was closure and fulfilling the wishes of my family. I found the moment to be calming, and fulfilling in ways. I then removed brightly colored flowers from the console of the boat and each of us including my three year old daughter placed flowers on this spot for them. Even the dyed color from the flowers bled into the water as if being reabsorbed back into the earth. We sat for a few moments as the boat slowly drifted away from the location we had picked. As we watched the water lose the glow and become the status quo that is the Gulf.

I fired up the motors and began our journey back to shore feeling a weight lifted off me, knowing I can always look into the Gulf during my dive trips, sunsets, from shore and boat knowing my loved ones are within sight at all times.